Amazon Kindle 3 Review

The Amazon Kindle 3 was launched in September 2010 after a media frenzy following the unveiling of the ebook reader many months before. The big question is, does the Amazon Kindle have what it takes to be the ebook reader of choice this year? Overview The Amazon Kindle 3 is available in two flavours: Kindle WiFi: £109/$139 Kindle 3G: £149/$189 These price points are really attractive, and seriously undercuts the competition making … [...]

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Handheld Ebook Readers

The handheld eBook reader market is an severely vying one and many handheld eBook Readers that were popular in the early 2000s have now expired. Many of these earlier handheld ebook readers belong to some of the larger brands that control the market today. As an eBook admirer myself, I feel that it is not very pragmatic to use so many electronic tools ( one for communicating, one for computing, one for reading ebook, and so on. ) The direction is … [...]

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Protect eBook Readers with Screen and Case Protection

It is just as important to protect eBook readers with screen and case protection as it is to protect any other hand-held device such as your iPhone. As e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle and the Sony reader have become more popular, a wave of accessories has also ridden on that tide of popularity.  Among the more useful of these is a variety of cases and covers to protect both the screen and the case of these eBook readers, although some are more … [...]

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